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The Lakes and Hills of the Highland Lakes, in the heart of the Central Texas Hill Country, is the ideal destination for a day, a weekend, or a lifetime.  Adventure, recreation, fun in the sun and hill country hospitality await you in every Highland Lakes community.   We invite you to come enjoy Lake Buchanan, Inks Lake, Lake LBJ, Lake Marble Falls, the Colorado River, the Llano River, hundreds of things to do, places to shop, eat and sleep.   With over 1,800 square miles of lakes and hills, the Highland Lakes region is one of the largest playgrounds in Texas.


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The Lakes and Hills website is owned and operated by Lakes and Hills Publications (LHP).

As a Regional Tourism Guide for the Highland Lakes and Texas Hill Country, the goal of this website is to present information about everything there is to see and do here in a manner that encourages our audience to visit this region.  LHP may spotlight some tourism related items more than others if, in the sole discretion of LHP, it believes doing so will attract more visitors to the region.

This directory guide freely lists any business, attraction, activity or event within Burnet or Llano Counties, deemed by LHP to be "Tourism Related", regardless of affiliation with any Chamber of Commerce, trade group or organization.

A business shall qualify as "Tourism Related" if the nature of that business is construed by LHP to fall within one of our defined categories on the website, or, justifies the addition of a new category on the website (see Site Map).

Each qualifying business shall be entitled to free listings in up to three (3) applicable categories.  Additional category listings are available for a small fee.

A Free Listing may be upgraded to a Featured Listing for a small fee.

Display ads are available within our directory pages for your business category and region.  These are displayed within the body content of that directory. Display ads are also available on each of the Lake pages for businesses which are located ON that lake only.  Display ads may be available on other non-directory pages within the website upon request.

Tourism related businesses who wish to advertise on pages other than the category page containing their Free or Featured listing(s) may do so by purchasing Display Ads or Sidebar Ads on other pages.

Sidebar Ads are also available to Non-Tourism Related businesses at the sole discretion of LHP.

Sidebar Ads may also be made available to entities outside of the Lakes and Hills region, such as Chambers of Commerce and Visitor's Bureaus in other cities and counties throughout Texas.

All requests for inclusion in this website, whether it's a free listing or paid advertisement, are subject to the approval of LHP.  To submit your information for free inclusion in this directory please use our on-line Listing Form.

LHP reserves the right to reject any Listing or Advertisement that it deems, in its sole discretion, to be inappropriate within the Lakes and Hills website.  This may be due to the nature of the ad being in poor taste, sexually explicate, overly political or for such other reason LHP deems objectionable.

For purposes of conveniece in navigation within this directory guide,  the categories of Lodging, Dining and Shopping have been divided into five (5) geographic areas consisting of: 1) Llano Area; 2) Lake Buchanan/Inks Lake Area; 3) Lake LBJ Area; 4) Marble Falls/Spicewood Area, and; 5) Burnet/Bertram Area.

To insure ease of navigation, the following structure has been defined (see Site Map).:

1. Lodging is grouped by region and sub-divided by class of lodging.

2. Dining is grouped by region and sub-divided first by sit-down vs. fast food and then sub-divided by type of cuisine.

3. Shopping is grouped by region and sub-divided by category.

4. Things to Do is grouped by classification and sub-divided by category, but, not regionalized.

Lodging entities often have amenities such as Swimming, Fishing and Boat Slips, and would like to be listed under all of those categories.   To the extent that a business entity offers such amenities to the public on a free, hourly or day-rate basis, exclusive of any other requirements, such as being a guest of the facility, then we will include them in those other categories.


HOTEL OCCUPANCY TAX FUND NOTICE:  LHP has a strict policy that we will not allow any advertiser to use funding from a particular jurisdiction's hotel occupancy tax fund to pay to advertise other lodging facilities outside of that jurisdiction's boundaries.  See Lodging Advertisers Notice below.

LODGING ADVERTISERS NOTICE: See Hotel Occupancy Tax Fund Notice above.  Any listing in our directory can only be linked to a website or web page which is solely for that specific physical property address.  We will not link to a property management website where multiple other properties are being promoted simutaneously with the individual property listed.  Individual rental homes, townhomes and condo units require that the Owner of the property acknowledge in writting to LHP that he/she is in compliance with hotel occupancy tax requirements and that LHP is authorized to use the information and photographs associated with their property as required under US copyright laws.

COPYRIGHT NOTICE:  The graphics, layout and textual content contained within this website are protected by US Copyright protection under Title 17 of the US Code.  Many of the photographs displayed on this website have been provided to us by their respective copyright owners, are used here with permission, and are NOT permitted to be copied for use elsewhere without the owners' permission.  A large number of photographs used on this website are proprietary to Lakes and Hills Publications and we welcome the use of those images on other website within a context that helps to promote the Lakes and Hills region in a positive way.  If you would like permission to use any of the content of this website, please contact us for permission to do so.

LINKING TO THIS WEBSITE:  Anyone who wishes may link to this website.  For those who wish to use a graphic in association with a link to this website are encouraged to use one of our available graphics for that purpose, which can be found HERE.  If you wish to use an alternate graphic to like to this website, LHP respectfully requests that you submit your proposed graphic to us for review before linking.




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